The Ami Ortiz Story

It's been 7 years since the unthinkable. The attempted murder of an innocent 15 year-old Messianic Jewish boy in Ariel, Israel. He and his family are followers of Yeshua (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah. After two and a half years of excruciating recovery and rehabilitation, 14 operations with more plastic surgeries ahead, and spiritual, mental and emotional recovery, Ami and his family received a miracle.
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Leah's Updates - April 7, 2015

In late 2014 we had the privilege to be invited to visit Yakov Damkani's studio in Tel Aviv and to be interviewed for his Trumpets of Salvation Satellite TV program. It has been  seven years since the incident that changed all our lives forever, and our outlooks have not changed, but rather deepened as we have walked through the many doors that have been opened and the opportunities to glorify the name of Yeshua. (read more)
 Latest News On The Case
A year prior to Yakov "Jack" Teitel's arrest, the Shin Bet and the FBI were in close contact as part of an investigation into bombings targeting homosexuals, messianic Christians and left-wing figures, Haaretz has learned. Teitel was arrested on October 7. However, the initial exchanges on the case between the two security services on the case began in October 2008. (case updates)
The Suspect: Jack Teitel
Find out more about the "Jewish terrorist" who immigrated to Israel from the United States who has been arrested in connection with the bombing in the community of Ariel that severely wounded Messianic believer, Ami Ortiz. Information on the suspect, video, photographic, email and more evidence available online.
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